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Did Jesus Have a Wife, Part II

An article about the carbon dating of the papyrus (paper) of the "Jesus' Wife Papyrus" appeared in the Boston Globe this morning.  A few points:
  • Do an image search for 'papyrus fragment'.  My, those edges are square and neat!
  • Almost none of letters are cut off by the edges of the fragment (as they are in most ancient fragmentary documents).
  • The article states that one carbon dating test made the papyrus far too old to be an early Christian document.  The current one described in this article is surprisingly late: this is ...
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Did Jesus Have A Wife?

Yesterday a friend emailed me the following news story:

The word in question is hime, a spelling variation of shime (the "s" sound is pronounced separately "s-hime".)  It means "woman" or "wife" or "wave on the ocean".  It is followed "of" and the first letter of another word.  The rest of the sentence has been lost but it probably modifies or comments on the word hime.  (It would be nice to have it.)

We do not have a full ...
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My Powell's Bookshelf

I have created a list at Powell's Books of some of my favorite books about the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnosticism, History, Archaeology and ancient religions.  (I tried to avoid the very technical titles:  if you want to find a textbook for a dead language or something else equally obscure, email me if you just can't find it online.) 

This list of books is in no particular order and it includes many items in my LibraryThing list:
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Book Review: Invisible Romans

I want to recommend the book I am currently reading, Dr. Robert Knapp's Invisible Romans 

A Classics professor at UC Berkeley, Dr. Knapp has spent his career studying the history of the Roman Empire away from its capital city.  He is also a specialist in ancient coins, ancient inscriptions, tomb stones, and graffiti.  (Since there was no paper in the ancient Western world graffiti was used the way later eras would ...
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Ancient Astronauts

If you are interested in ancient astronauts or forbidden archaeology then I highly recommend this podcast interview with Dr. Ken Feder:  http://www.skeptic.com/podcasts/monstertalk/11/07/27/

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Did the Gnostics Care About Christ?

A central interest in the death of Christ was not universal even among the branches of early Christianity (see Dr. Bart Ehman's <a href='http://www.powells.com/partner/36168/biblio/9780195182491?p_ti' title='More info about this book at powells.com' rel='powells-9780195182491'>Lost Christianities</a> for a glimpse of that world):  only the types of Christianity which won out sociologically and politically to become the ancestors of all contemporary forms of Christianity put together the idea of atonement in quite the ...
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The Good News Bible and Remembering Dr. Nida

An important and influential Biblical scholar and translator died this past week.  From the New York Times obituary for Dr. Eugene Nida:

Widely considered the father of modern Bible translation, Mr. Nida (pronounced NYE-duh) was for four decades the head of the Bible society’s translation program .... Previously, most Bible translations had been done by Western missionaries, ...
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Did Irenaeus Know What He Was Talking About?

A reader named Bill writes in and asks about the names Irenaeus uses in Chapter 1 of Against Heresies:

They maintain, then, that in the invisible and ineffable heights above there exists a certain perfect, pre-existent whom they call Proarche, Propator, and Bythus, and describe as being invisible and incomprehensible. Eternal and unbegotten, he remained throughout innumerable ...
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Robot Reveals Hidden Giza Pyramid Hieroglyphs

The images revealed hieroglyphs written in red paint that have not been seen by human eyes since the construction of the pyramid. The pictures also unveiled new details about two puzzling copper pins embedded in one of the so called "secret doors."

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Worried About Judgement Day?

Don't be. I cannot replace a member of the clergy but I can tell you the end of the world has been fixed (and passed by) many times before:


The human beings who are so fond of predicting this date seem to have forgotten Matthew 24:36:

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